Discover our various Babynova pacifier collections. At Babynova, the focus is on affordable products with German quality standards.

Our pacifiers are therefore exclusively manufactured in Germany..

At Babynova you will find different types of teats, from orthodontic pacifiers to cherry teats and pacifiers for newborns. This means we can offer the right pacifier for every need. Our pacifiers are safe and hygienic and are made from BPA-free materials. 

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Baby Bottles

At Babynova we offer a wide range of bottles and teats of the highest quality to meet the different needs of babies. As a family-run company, we attach great importance to the quality of our teats made in Germany.

Our bottles are designed to provide your baby with a comfortable and natural drinking experience. They are easy to clean and come in different sizes and designs. Our various teats are made of high-quality silicone and adapt gently to your baby's sucking behavior.

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With our selection of high-quality drinking cups and baby cutlery, we want to make the introduction of complementary foods and learning to eat easier. Our baby sippy cups and spoons are safe and easy to handle, ideal for little hands. 

Our products are durable and easy to clean. With different colors and designs, the products are intended to bring fun and joy into everyday life.

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Ensure safe and hygienic baby care with our high-quality care products. Our toothbrushing sets help with thorough and safe teeth cleaning and our care sets are intended to make rituals such as combing or cutting nails easier. 

We understand the challenges of baby care and would like to offer our products to help you care for your baby more easily and carefree.

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Discover the exciting world of Babynova toys. Baby toys play a crucial role in your child's development. It promotes sensory perception as well as motor and cognitive skills. Interactive toys allow babies to explore their senses and learn while they play. Cuddly toys and cuddly blankets provide comfort and security, while gripping balls, stacking cups and rainmakers exercise and stimulate your baby's senses.

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Teething can be an unpleasant experience for babies, but our Babynova products are specifically designed to relieve teething pain. 

Our teething rings and teething aids are specially designed to support your baby during teething. With different textures and materials, we offer effective teething aids for babies that relieve pain and promote sensory perception.

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Breastfeeding is a special time for mother and baby, and at Babynova we understand the importance of these intimate moments. Our hygienic breastfeeding products are designed to meet the needs of mother and baby. When breastfeeding with nipple shields or with breast pumps for worry-free expression, comfort and quality is our number one priority.

So that you can fully enjoy the special time with your baby.

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